Noisy Water Pipes

Water Hammer. this is the most common noise found in household water pipes. it can be caused by few things but generally its main cause is unsecured pipes. hot and cold water pipes need to be clipped, if they are not they will make terrible sounds when water draw offs are opened and closed. the cure is pretty straight forward really, locate the unsecured pipe and secure it.

the best clips to use on existing pipes are nail clips as they are easily fixed over the pipe in position, you can find these is all plumbing merchants. Basically you just hammer a few over your wobbly pipes and this will solve the problem straight away.

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Worn Tap washers These can cause a lot of water hammer when taps are opened. when washers start to wear out they allow unregulated water through the tap this lifts the tap insert up and down very quickly making a terrible noise. To solve this you just need to change the washer in the tap.

Gas Care Swansea – Plumbing Tips – noisy water pipes.

Noisy water pipes in the home can be very annoying and to the untrained ear can be a puzzle to solve. so follow these these Gas Care Swansea – Plumbing Tips and solve your noisy water pipe problem.

A good tip in finding what pipes are causing the noise is to note when the noise happens and whats being used e.g are you using the shower? is the washing machine filling? does the noise happen when you turn the heating on?

Then you need to try and locate the noise. listen around the house while someone turns the tap on and off or when the heating has recently been turned on.

Next, what sort of sound are the pipes making?

Creaking Pipes. A creaking sound can be caused by the water in the pipes heating and cooling making the copper expand and contract. One way to solve this problem is insulating the pipes using pipe lagging, this will slow down the rate the pipes heat up and cool down, reducing and even stopping the loud noises.

free plumbing tip how to change a tap washer, noisy water pipes. how to stop noisy water pipes .water hammer. pipe clips.

Other noises can be a bit more complicated to solve and will probably need your local plumber or heating engineers help. Banging sounds from the boiler can be caused by many things and will definitely need a Gas Safe registered Engineer to look at it.

How To Stop Dripping Taps

How To Stop Dripping Taps – A Step By Step Guide

If your tap is dripping and no matter how hard you turn it, it won’t stop, it’s because the washer inside the tap has perished. So here’s Gas Care’s step by step guide on how to stop dripping taps.

  • First things first, you need to locate the stop cock (this is normally under the sink in the kitchen or if you can’t find it, it will be outside under the pavement). Then you need to turn it off to isolate the water supply.
  • Take off the lid of the tap (the part that indicates whether the tap is hot or cold), usually I’ll use a stanley blade or small slot head screwdriver.
  • Under the lid there’s a screw, you need to undo this to take the tap head off and reveal the tap insert.
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  • Next, you need to undo the insert.  For this you’ll need an adjustable spanner, be careful not to turn the entire tap though (you may need someone to hold it for you). The insert will have a hexagon head for the spanner to fit.
  • When the tap insert is out, turn it over and you will see the tap washer.  You now need to separate the washer from the insert.  Sometimes there will be another tiny nut holding the washer in position, if so you need to undo this too.
  • Next, give the seating in the actual tap body a little clean, also it is worth giving the insert a rub to make sure the new washer sits correctly in position.
  • Replace with the new washer and put everything back together.


If you’re unsure of the correct size  of the washer then once you have taken the old insert out you can take it to your local plumbers merchants, show them and they can advise you. It’s a good idea to either keep the washing bowl in the sink or keep the plug in so you don’t drop any of the small screws down the plug hole.


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