Curing Your Cold Radiators

It’s getting cold out there and the last thing you need is a faulty heating system.

Is one of the radiators in your house not heating up when the rest of them are?

Here is a check list you can go through before calling your heating engineer which could save you time and also a bit of money.


  • First, check that the radiator valve isn’t turned off. this can be turned on by hand or if the wheel head is missing, you can use a small adjustable spanner.  Make sure it’s fully open by turning it anti-clockwise.
  • Do you have a thermostatic radiator valve fitted? if so is it turned off or down too far?  Or is it faulty?  One way of checking if its faulty is to remove the head, you can normally do this yourself by unscrewing the big nut that attaches it to the body of the valve. If it is faulty the radiator should immediately warm up after taking the head off.
  • Another reason radiators stop working is sludge.  Valves and radiators can get blocked by sludge and the only way of getting rid of it is to clean and flush the system out.


We always recommend seeking the skills of a competent, Gas Safe Register approved heating engineer so if you are unsure or it’s gas related please call your local Gas Safe Heating Engineers.    

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